Trash or Treasure?

by nicolasnova

Not exactly about the Alps… but quite intriguing anyway. I ran across this poster wandering around Joshua Tree National Park in the pre-Trump era (at the beginning of January). As usual with such observations, I overlooked the text at first. I actually saw the poser on a toilet door, walked few meters and then walked back to peruse it more thoroughly.

The set of arguments is quite interesting wrt the nature/culture debate, especially in the context of a US national park… the paragon of pristine “n a t u r e”. Every sentence is relevant here, especially the mere definition of what constitutes treasure versus trash.

The reason why I add this on a blog about the Alps is simply that I wonder about the counterpart here: would it be OK to consider certain artifacts as treasures? Would radio/phone masts be OK? What about gondolas? Ruined ski lifts? Left-over skis? Hiking in the Alps you definitely find remnants of mines, former railways, wooden structures and it seems OK to leave them there (see below a former copper mine in Queyras)… but what about more contemporary ones? How do people decide?

(August 2005, Saint Véran, Queyras, France)